Website Critique Service

A website critique service is a quick way of getting a customized and personalized video assessment of actions you can take NOW to improve your website from an unbiased visitor perspective. 


Website Critique Service

What You Get:

we’ll create and send you a 20-30 minute video where we screen record landing on your website, click through as many pages on your website as possible, evaluate your website, and provide as many actionable items as possible: 

Website Design

How does your website look from the visitor perspective on both desktop and mobile. Get actions you can take to capture their attention within that critical first 8 seconds.

Navigation & Branding

See first hand how easy or hard it is to navigate your website based on your visitors goals. Does that navigation “flow” align with your branding & website goals? Find out first hand as we show you from our perspective in your customized video.

conversion assessment

You own a website for a reason… usually to make money. Visitors typically go online to be entertained or make a purchase. You can only be successful online when you understand WHY your visitors land on your website and then convert them to customers in as few clicks as possible.

User experience

It’s hard to get visitors to your website. Even harder to keep them engaged. Don’t lose them by poor user experience. We’ll systematically test each aspect of your website to ensure everything works as it should and you’ll get actionable insights on what to fix if it doesn’t work as designed.

website performance

Once you get found, land a visitor, and have them initially engaged… your site needs to optimally perform. That means no slow loading pages, broken links, outdated videos, etc. If you have them on your site… we’ll discover them. 

customized action plan

We are a full service digital agency so along the way we will provide recommendations on solutions we provide to help enhance your web presence. You can either hire us & we’ll give you a credit for the cost of the website critique or you can send the video to someone else that can take the actions you need. 

Sample Critique Video: